Plant based company making organic, vegan chocolate in London

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"I knew there was a way to bring ‘indulgence’ back into a healthy treat and get people like me to eat healthy plant based treats out of choice’."
Sara Colohan
chocolate maker

Why us

A treat that really tastes like a treat.

London Maker chocolate is made from scratch in a small plant based kitchen in Shoreditch. All the chocolate ingredients are organic and we avoid white sugar completely, using coconut nectar, lucuma and maple syrup instead. Our chocolate is stoneground for over 24 hours which makes it incredibly smooth. We also keep our ingredients under 42 degrees where possible – we try to keep all the goodness and nutrients

Why us

All our chocolate is vegan and organic.

London Maker is completely dairy free not just because we love vegan – because we believe dairy free chocolate tastes better.

We are a developing social enterprise business. We are starting to work in our community offering parent and child chocolate making classes and hope to do school demonstrations. We want to  change kids taste buds so they can enjoy some good homemade chocolate without the  ‘nasties’ that often come with it!.