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London Maker makes indulgent treats with all organic ingredients and no white sugar.

We have created a range of vegan (plant based) treats

A treat that really tastes like a treat.


London Maker chocolate is 100 percent natural. All of our ingredients organic and our process is raw – ie free from heat above 42 degrees – with all their goodness and nutrients maintained.


FREE FROM refined sugars, dairy, gluten and other nasties you find in ‘shop chocolate’.

NO sulphates, NO chemicals, NO colourings, NO preservatives, NO stabilisers, NO GM ingredients, NO soya, NO grains, NO nuts, NO yeast.

All our ingredients are organic and fair trade where ever possible.

Some of our organic flavours:  organic raspberry, sea salt, cacao nibs,  rose, butterscotch salted butterscotch and mandarin.

All our chocolate is vegan and organic.


After many raw food courses and a life long love of sweet treats, I founded London Maker so I could concentrate full time on perfecting the ultimate sweet treat. London Maker is a social enterprise business, soon to offer classes and demonstrations for parents and children with an interest in making their own healthy treats.

 ‘I found so many raw and vegan treats on sale that felt like a  taste compromise and as a result, made me less likely to buy them again. I knew there was a way to bring ‘indulgence’ back into the healthy treat and get people like me (neither vegan or raw, just wanting to eat clean!) to eat healthy plant based treats out of choice’  Sara Colohan, London Maker

London Maker is a social enterprise business. We are starting to work in our community offering parent and child chocolate making classes and school demonstrations. We hope we can change kids taste buds so they can enjoy some good homemade chocolate without the guilt and ‘nasties’ that often come with it!.

Keep this chocolate AIRTIGHT! Do not put in a fridge! (It is hydro porous ). Your chocolate should last up to 6 months airtight.

Please contact hello@londonmaker.com


We are searching for new suppliers. Please get in touch for samples and price cards.

Want to learn about chocolate making at home?

We will be hosting more VEGAN truffle making workshop soon

Hosted in The Grocery WineVault on 52-56 Kingsland road,E2 8DP

learn to make your own delicious truffles


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